Why allow size and fit stand in the way of a positive online shopping experience

Fit no longer has
to be an issue

We leverage consumers' preferences, our knowledge of your product and machine learning to turn fit into a science.

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Increase Conversion Rate
Increase Average Order Value
Decrease Returns
Decrease Working Capital
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Our Product

Quickly achieve top & bottom line impact with our retailer & consumer friendly solution

Decrease Returns

We allow you to recommend the right size to your consumers, ensuring return frequency is as low as possible.

Increase Revenue

Your consumers will be more confident of which size they are buying, increasing your conversion ratio and units per ticket.

Our Solution

Our solution is an easy-to-integrate widget, visible directly on the product page. Once activated, the consumer is walked through a 30 second process that, based on basic information about themselves, returns a personalised recommendation on which size to purchase.

By registering with us, consumers allow our machine learning algorithms to perfect our understanding of their fit preference across multiple brands, and your brand to leverage more accurate recommendations even for first time visitors to your web site.

Our Magic

We leverage a handful of intuitive and easy to remember inputs from the consumer

We track the consumers' size preferences across multiple retailers, allowing us to build a 360° understanding of their body and fit preferences. This permits your brand to provide accurate and personalised recommendations even for first-time visitors to your website.

Through our multiple machine learning algorithms, we solidify our understanding of the consumers' body and fit preferences over time, regardless of where they do their shopping.

Our Results

Conversion Rate

Higher Average
Order Value


Working Capital


carbon footprint

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